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Monday, 23 April 2018

Originate Media

6A The Grove, Leisure Isle, Knysna
Company Skills
  • Consultancy
  • Database Development
  • Design
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing
  • PHP
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Support
  • Template Design
  • Training
  • User
  • Web Project Management
  • Web Site Marketing
Our Portfolio
You can see a real Joomla website developer by the quality of their work :)
Garden Route Web Design South Africa
Digital Media Services offered by Originate Media - Web Design and Development Agency based in Knysna on the Garden Route of South Africa. Our clients range from Commercial Businesses, Hospitality Businesses, Online Shops and even Recruitment Agencies.

Logo Design
We believe that a logo is more than just a pretty graphic, logos in our view should impart some essence of the business that they represent. Back in the old days when we were still living in caves every now and then a designery fellow would stand up amongst his peers and smear markings on the walls - these marking were the roots of graphic design from pictures of antelope to mythical creatures and folklore the pictures became iconic and took on symbolic meanings...

Logo Design or Corprate Identity Design is about making a graphic that portrays the entity, there are no longer such fixed rules about logos anymore as we move out of the print era into digital media we can output the most spectacular gradients and colours as we are working with light (RGB - red, green and blue), logos can include special fonts, have meaninful devices (symbols) or even specific colour choices that all imbue that deeper meaning... Logos are beautiful things and should be treated as such.

Often our website project clients will ask us to redesign or refresh their logo and we always give our best, we have designed logos for various clients in industries such as: Logos for Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts (B&Bs) and Guesthouses; Logos for Recruitment Agencies, Livestock Exporters, Online Booking Engines and even Sports Blogs; and finally logos for Ecommerce Sites or Online Shops.

Graphic Design
We come from a Graphic Design Adversiting Agency background, having worked overseas in Spain for 6 years in various design departments both inhouse and as Agency Creative Director we have a world of experience when it comes to the fine art of Graphic Design. Having designed and printed everything from Business Cards and Billboards to Lifestyle Magazines and Newspaper Spreads we are confident we can design something that truly respresents each of our clients in as unique a way as they are. Design without meaning is... well meaningless...

Working from our Studio on Leisure Isle in Knysna we are inspired to design eye-catching works of art that both inspire action and inform the viewer.

Website Hosting & Domain Registration
As part of our Digital Media Managment service we also offer web hosting and domain registration and depending on your particular requirements we provide informed advice on the best route forward. We ideally like to work on a Linux Server running a farily new version of PHP, MySQL database support and some kind of control panel to access key data such as web stats, FTP datasheets and the easy creation of Email Addresses.

From our offices in Knysna on the Garden Route We register all the most popular domains from .com and to .net and even .org fo
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